CNP CYPRIALIFE - Personal Needs

Personal Needs

We all have our own vision in life. Nevertheless, there are some circumstances and risks in everyday life that may have a negative impact on our income, thus affecting our advancement and the completion of vision. Such circumstances include death, a serious illness or disability.

Together, we will discuss and scientifically analyse your every need in order to arrive to the correct amounts that will protect you from the above-mentioned risks. In addition, we will create the appropriate funds for a comfortable retirement by anticipating the obstacles that may derail your plans.

Making savings for education purposes

Children's education is one of the most important goals of every parent.

Life insurance

Planning for the protection of the family is a very important factor in view of the fact that it provides peace of mind and control over our lives.

Health and Accidents

We all want to be in a position to respond immediately in case a routine check or long-term hospitalization is needed.

Savings and Investments

You have plans and dreams for your future as well as the future of your family. Your dreams are unique.


Only with timely planning can you be sure that you will have the quality of life you want and that you will be able to support your family.

Tax Exemption

According to Cyprus law, a tax exemption of up to 35% of annual premiums is foreseen as an incentive to citizens.

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