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Cypria Pension Plan

Cypria Pension Plan

A unit linked pension plan designed to act as a means of systematic saving and capital formation to meet your pension needs through the investment funds of your choice.


Retirement Options

Partial or Full surrender or whole of life Pension Options.

Retirement Date Options

Retirement date selection after the age of 50.


Ability to participate in the Company's multiple investment funds, each one with its own investment policy and different risk profile.

Inflationary Adjustment

Inflation adjustment options of 3% or 5% per year.


Individuals 18-65 years old, who wish to participate in a pension plan that offers various retirement options.



  • Overview

    Cypria Pension Plan is a simple and flexible plan. It gives you the option to choose the premium you wish to pay, as well as the form of your retirement.

    This program gives you the option to choose the date of your retirement, as long as you have reached the fiftieth year of your life and you have not exceeded the seventy-fifth.

    Moreover, you can choose the way, or the combination of ways, that you want to get your pension. The options are:

    1. Simple whole of life Pension

    In this case, you will receive a whole of life Pension. Following the loss of the Insured's life, all obligations the Company has towards him / her are terminated.

    2. Whole of life Pension with a guaranteed pension payment period of 10 years in case of loss of life

    This means that, if the insured passes away within 10 years of the guaranteed period, his / her pension payment will pass on to his / her legal beneficiaries until the expiration of the period.

    3. Whole of life Pension with the option of transferring part of the pension to the spouse

    In this case, if the insured passes away, having chosen this particular benefit, 50% of the Pension will pass on to the spouse, who will continue to receive the payment for life. 

    4. Whole of life Pension with a 10 year guaranteed period in case of loss of life and the option of transferring part of the pension to the spouse

    With this combination, in the event of the insured's loss of life within the 10 year guaranteed period, his / her beneficiaries will continue to receive his / her pension payment. After the 10 year period expires, 50% of the pension will be transferred to the spouse, who will continue to receive the payment for life. 

    5. Lump Sum amount equal to the fund's value on the retirement day

    Fixed payments that derive from partial surrender until the fund's value is fully exhausted.

  • Duration

    10 to 57 years.

  • Expiry Age

    75 years

  • Investment Options

    This plan allows you to invest in the following funds of your choice, based on the investment risk you wish to take. You have the right to change the investment rates whenever you consider it necessary.


    Additional Benefits of Cypria Pension

    1. Disability Pension
    2. Permanent and Total Disability up to 60 or 65 years old
    3. Waiver of Premium up to 60 or 65 years old
    4. Waiver of Premium due to temporary disability
    5. Cypria Woman's Care
    6. Cypria Man's Care
    7. Cypria Kid's Care
    8. Lump Sum Payments (Booster)

    *For Modifications, such as premium or coverage reductions / increases, etc. please consult your Insurance Agent.


    Download the form here


For further information on the exclusions, surrender charges and other terms of the Policy, you can ask the Company or your Insurance Agent to give you a sample of the Policy conditions, so that you can read it and make sure it fully meets your insurance needs.

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