CNP CYPRIALIFE - Waiver of Premium up to the age of 60

Waiver of Premium up to the age of 60

Waiver of Premium up to the age of 60

Waiver of Premium is an additional insurance coverage in the life insurance plans of CNP Cyprialife, which ensures their continuity.


Waiver of Premium & Coverage Continuity

Ensures continuity of the basic life plan and any other additional coverage, without paying additional premiums, in the event of permanent and total disability to work.



  • Overview

    Disability is defined as the total lack of capacity of the Insured to practise his / her profession or any other profession for which he / she has the appropriate qualifications and which will prevent the Insured from working again in such a profession.

    You can choose between two PTD products, according to whether you want the expiry age to be 60 or 65 years.

  • Duration

    Coverage lasts depending on customer choice.

  • Expiry Age

    Until the age of 60 or 65 or until the basic plan expires (whichever is earlier).


This benefit has its own exceptions.

For further information please consult the Policy Conditions of the Benefit that you can request from your Insurance Agent or our customer service.

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