CNP CYPRIALIFE - Cypria Money Plus

Cypria Money Plus

Cypria Money Plus

A unit linked insurance plan that offers high returns, combined with high coverage and tax relief. It targets capital formation to cover future changes and has a predetermined duration.



Ability to participate in the Company's multiple investment funds, each one with its own investment policy and different risk profile.

Extension of the contract

Possibility to extend the contract up to the age of 85.

Bonus Units

On the ninth (9th) anniversary of the Premium and in every subsequent annual anniversary, the Company will provide a number of Bonus Units equal to 0.9% of the Fund Value, which are allocated to the insurance policy.

Additional Coverage

Additional coverage and benefits according to your needs.


Individuals 18-65 years old, who want to be able to choose different insurance protection and investment combinations. The insured can be between 1 and 65 years old.




For further information on the exclusions, surrender charges and other terms of the Policy, you can ask the Company or your Insurance Agent to give you a sample of the Policy conditions, so that you can read it and make sure it fully meets your insurance needs.

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