Our Vision

To constantly strengthen our leading position by meeting our customers' needs in a consistent manner, through a wide range of insurance programs and high quality service.

Power of confidence and security

The strong foundations of the Group and of CNP ASSURANCES, combined with the creativity and innovation of CNP CYPRIALIFE, keep the Company in a leading position in the Cyprus market.

Board of directors

Our Board of Directors examines, determines, approves and ensures any kind of process related to the effective operation of the Company..

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are actively involved in a variety of social activities and sectors for which there is a need, while maintaining CNP CYPRIALIFE’s human-centred philosophy

Always by your side

Our Insurance Intermediaries are ready, at all times, to provide assistance for any need that may present itself and they are ready to be by your side without any obligation from your part.

Our actions in figures

CNP CYPRIALIFE has rightfully earned a leading position in the Cyprus Insurance market. This power is translated into numbers.

Solvency and Financial Condition Report

Download and read the solvency and financial condition report of CNP CYPRIALIFE.

Sustainable Disclosure (SFDR)

Download and read the Policy on the integration of sustainability risks in Investment Decisions and the Due diligence policy regarding the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors.

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