CNP CYPRIALIFE - Cypria Healthcare for Foreigners

Cypria Healthcare for Foreigners

Cypria Healthcare for Foreigners

According to the legislation, health insurance for foreigners is mandatory and falls under the responsibility of the employer. CNP CYPRIALIFE offers the Cypria Healthcare for Foreigners plan, according to the legislation.



Coverage of corpse transport costs.

Hospital Coverage

In-patient and outpatient coverage.

Additional Benefits

Childbirth benefit.


Employers, who wish to insure their foreign workers from 18-64 years old.



  • Overview

    The Cypria Healthcare for Foreigners plan offers both in-patient and outpatient coverage and is offered as stand alone insurance policy. The coverage amount is set at €13,700 per year and €8,550 per incident.

  • Duration

    The contract can be annually renewed.

  • Expiry Age

    64 years old.


For further information on the exclusions and other terms of the Policy, you can ask the Company or your Insurance Agent to give you a sample of the Policy conditions, so that you can read it and make sure it fully meets your insurance needs.

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