Secure Fund

Secure Fund


The fund is suitable for investors with at least a medium-term horizon of 7 years. Emphasis is placed more on preservation of capital than achievement of significant capital appreciation. The fund may invest in bonds, property, as well as cash deposits and other money market instruments.

There are no performance guarantees attaching to this fund.


The fund is suitable for investors with a medium term horizon of at least 7 years.



    Open-end Fund. Available only in new contracts.

    • Low investment risk. 
    • Invests internationally in government and corporate bonds that are predominantly rated investment grade, either directly or through reputable investment advisors.
    • Prudent diversification limiting over exposure to specific issuers or geographic regions.
    • Property investments are of a long term nature with emphasis on income producing properties and gradual capital appreciation.
    • Bank deposits included.


    Last Five Calendar Years


    Income Investments: 80-100%

    Growth Investments: ---

    Property Investments: 0-20%


    The fund managers have the right to alter the structure of the Fund in line with prevailing market conditions. Apart from special circumstances, the structure of the Fund will lie within the above restrictions.


    Income Investments: Bonds, bond mutual funds, fixed deposits, moneymarket instruments and policy loans


    Launch Date: 1 June 2001

    Fund Managers: CNP CYPRIALIFE

    Monthly Administration Charges: 1/12 of the 0,75% of the fund’s size

    Investment Advisors: Allianz, Longview, Invesco, PIMCO, BlueBay, BlackRock Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas, La Bank Postale, Natixis, Schroders


    Cyprus & Greek Equities: Not Applicable

    Global Equities: Not Applicable

    Property: 16,2%

    Government Bonds: 30,4%

    Corporate Bonds: 34,9%

    Policy Loans: 0,5%

    Deposits: 18,0%


  • FUND DETAILS ON 30 June 2021

    Fund Size (million Euros): €61,1

    Unit Bid Price: €2,951

    Unit Offer Price: €3,106

    Fund Start Date: 01-June-01

    Management Fee: monthly cut 1/12 of the 0,75% of total fund net assets.


    Download the document here

  • Sustainability Statement

    Download the document here.


Investing in this fund should be considered medium to long term. Fund performance is not guaranteed. The value of your investment will fluctuate depending on the fund's return.

The minimum fund stake is 10% of the premium invested.

Past performance does not guarantee future performance. The value of the investment may be increased or decreased and there is no guarantee that the amount invested will be recovered.

The percentage return is calculated based on the change in the unit's bid value over the corresponding period.

It includes direct investments in real estate, company shares primarily engaged in the development and / or purchase of real estate and collective investment schemes in the real estate business.

The company reserves the right to increase the annual management fee up to 2%.

Explanations or clarifications regarding this form can be obtained either from your insurance consultant or from the Pancyprian Customer Service Center at 22 11 12 13.

This information refers to the date listed in the heading of this form and is published only for information purposes, without being a call for investment or advice. The company is not responsible for any damages or losses that may arise from any use of this information. The company recommends obtaining professional advice before investing in the information contained in this document as well as in the prospectus.

Disclaimer: The contractual obligation of the Company is to perform fund valuation at least once a month. The Company makes every effort to perform fund valuation at more frequent intervals.

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