We draw the attention of our customers: Attempted Fraud

We draw the attention of our customers: Attempted Fraud

Dear customers,

We have been informed by our customers that they have received via e-mail information about an alleged compensation payment regarding Covid19 amounting to €18.900 from the Bank of China with which they are asked to "click" on a specific link to access the invoice. This information includes the names of employees or business partners of the Company.

This is a scam. The information is false, it has not been sent from the official email address of the Company and it possibly aims at obtaining money or stealing your identity.

CNP CYPRIALIFE LTD has informed the Police of the existence of this cyber fraud.

We urge our customers to be very careful when receiving and opening their emails and not to make any payment or disclosure of their details before confirming directly with the Company the authenticity of the document sent to them. In addition, we urge you to report immediately to your local police department any attempt and/or act of fraud. To protect you from cyber fraud, the Company recommends to its customers:

-Check the sender's email address carefully, as fraudsters may slightly differentiate an authentic email address by adding a letter or changing a punctuation etc.

-Carefully check the text (if it is spelled correctly or shows inconsistencies in the sentence structure).

-Do not open links contained in a suspicious, in your opinion, message and do not open or save attachments from it. Clicking on such attachments could install a malware on your computer.

-If your computer is infected with malware for any reason (e.g. if you click on a malicious URL or open an infected document), remove it from the network immediately.


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