CNP CYPRIALIFE - Power of confidence and security

Power of confidence and security

Even more security!

The strong foundations of the Group and of CNP ASSURANCES, combined with the creativity and innovation of CNP CYPRIALIFE, keep the Company in a leading position in the Cyprus Insurance market, by upgrading its existing products and services, by offering innovative protection, savings and investment programs as well as excellent customer service. CNP CYPRIALIFE has introduced in the financial services market a comprehensive manner for approaching and analysing the needs of its customers, offering solutions through a wide range of options.

The consolidation of CYPRIALIFE and Interamerican Insurance (Cyprus) Ltd in 1999 created the largest insurance power in the country, CNP CYPRIALIFE as it is called today.

At the centre of CNP CYPRIALIFE’s efforts is the provision of the most effective and comprehensive services to its customers who have modern and complex occupations, needs and desires, as well as to offer a range of services which are satisfactory, and often exceed the expectations of its customers by means of an extended range of Life, Health and Accidents products.

Services / Products

CNP CYPRIALIFE, with a new and modern perspective, aims to fully cover all of the insurance, financial and investment needs of its customers. By precisely identifying its customers’ needs, the Company is in a position to present comprehensive solutions and programs for their protection, personal savings programs and programs for the protection of the employees or the members of a Company or Organization by offering flexible and modern insurance solutions to individuals and businesses, such as:

>Health and Medical Insurance Programs

>Retirement Programs

>Investment Insurance Programs

>Bancassurance Programs

>Student Programs

>Protection Programs

>Group Programs for Businesses and Organizations

>Additional Benefits Against:

  • Accidents
  • Work disability
  • Illnesses
  • Loss of Income

Upgrade and Adaptation to the Digital World

CNP CYPRIALIFE is the first life Insurance company to introduce a Mobile App to the Cyprus Insurance market, thus opening a digital portal to its customers by providing access to information that concern them on a 24/7 basis. CNP CYPRIALIFE App. is available free of charge and can be downloaded via the Apple Store (for iPhone devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).

A Fully trained network of Insurance Agents

CNP CYPRIALIFE’s Insurance Agents constantly evolve and enrich their knowledge and skills. Their main concern is to provide professional and scientifically documented information to prospective clients by studying their needs and desires.

The aim is to provide the appropriate insurance cover. For this purpose, CNP CYPRIALIFE has developed the pioneering service called "Electronic Analysis of Customer Needs".

Innovation Award in the Tertiary Sector - OEB 2017

Development and use of an innovative Customer Needs Analysis Software. This is a modern sales tool that was designed on the basis of the peculiarities, desires and needs of each customer individually.

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