CNP CYPRIALIFE - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

CNP CYPRIALIFE actively participates in social activities in Cyprus, demonstrating its solidarity on critical issues that concern us all in an active manner. It goes beyond its business actions and is active to a great extent in social areas where there is a need.

CNP CYPRIALIFE's social responsibility stems from its human-centred philosophy. CNP CYPRIALIFE could not, thus operate in any other manner than on this basis.

CNP CYPRIALIFE significantly contributes to the "Make a Wish" association, in view of the fact that through the sponsorship it provides, it provides financial assistance for children suffering from cancer and related illnesses. In addition, it financially contributes financially to health related books written by renowned authors and scientists. The provision of valid and timely information to citizens results in their awareness and, as a result, to the power of prevention.

Moreover, the company created the largest, most interactive community,, aiming at the comprehensive education of Cypriot citizens on all health, nutrition and exercise-related issues. At the same time, it made a remarkable contribution to the Blood Bank and to the organization of blood donation campaigns for its staff. Additionally, CNP CYPRIALIFE has greatly invested in youth entrepreneurship by coordinating innovation contests, such as the #CNPCyprialifeHackCamp in the field of life insurance.

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