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Cypria Critical Advantage

 Cypria Critical Advantage

Cypria Critical Advantage is a new product designed in collaboration with the Best Doctors. It covers medical treatment of serious illnesses and medical procedures outside of Cyprus, providing access to the best doctors in the world and treatment in internationally recognized medical centers.


Second Medical Opinion

Diagnosis and treatment plan with one of the world's leading specialists for each specific condition.

Family Care

Option to include all members of the Insured's family.


Individuals up to 64 years old, who can not buy Medical cards or individuals who have group health plans that expire on retirement and want extra coverage.



  • Overview

    Cypria Critical Advantage is a health plan that covers treatment costs, travel and accomodation expenses and other additional benefits, up to €1,000,000 per year and €2,000,000 life long. The product is limited to the coverage of specific serious diseases and medical procedures:

    1. Cancer Treatment
    2. Aortic Surgery
    3. Replacement or repair of a heart valve
    4. Neurosurgery
    5. Organ transplant from live donor
    6. Bone marrow transplant
  • Duration

    Until the age of 85, which is the coverage expiry age or until the basic plan expires (whichever is earlier).

  • Expiry Age

    85 years.


This benefit has its own exceptions.

For further information please consult the Policy Conditions of the Benefit that you can request from your Insurance Agent or our customer service.

CNP Cyprialife is suspending the provision of Critical Advantage to new contracts. Existing contracts will continue to be in force under the same Terms and Coverages.

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