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Cypria Provident

Cypria Provident

An investment plan that is offered to groups of people with a common link (most likely employment), aiming to systematically save and create capital for retirement.


Investment Options

Better investment opportunities, due to its large portfolio.


Ability to participate in the Company's multiple investment funds, each one with its own investment policy and different risk profile.

Investment Management

The Investment Committee meets regularly, especially in times of increased market instability, and the company adjusts the investment distribution with tactical changes.

Distribution of the Investment

The Investment Committee ensures that the portfolios are adequately distributed across all asset classes and geographical areas, as well as various risk factors depending on the fund's investment policy.


Groups of people between 18 and 60 year old, who want to participate in a retirement plan where investment management is implemented by specialized people in the particular field.



  • Overview

    The distribution percentage of each group is determined and depends on the amount of recurring annual premiums. With the Cypria Provident plan, you can place your money in the Company's various funds, in order to minimize the investment risk.

    Moreover, the company / employer is exempted from the amount deposited with the provident fund and the employee is entitled to tax allowance if he / she is mentioned as the contract's owner. In this case, the policies will be assigned to the provident fund for the benefit of the employer.

    Even if the insured, for any reason, stops working at the company, the applicable terms will depend on the terms of the provident fund and any other agreement between the employee and the employer.

  • Duration

    10 to 42 years.

  • Expiry Age

    Up to 65 years.

  • Investment Options

    This plan allows you to invest in one of the following funds of your choice, based on the investment risk you wish to take. You have the right to change the allocation of your investment whenever you consider it necessary.


    Additional Benefits of Cypria Provident

    Additional coverage options are not allowed.


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For further information on the exclusions, surrender charges and other terms of the Policy, you can ask the Company or your Insurance Agent to give you a sample of the Policy Conditions, so that you can read it and make sure it fully meets your insurance needs.

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