CNP CYPRIALIFE - Customer Complaint Policy

Customer Complaint Policy

We know that you demand the best and therefore we try to offer products and quality of service that meet your expectations.

The Company, within the framework of the best practices of governance, follows a specific process of complaints' review from customers who feel unsatisfied from the service or response to their matters.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the Intermediaries or Officers of our Company, contact CNP Cyprialife's Customer Service directly. 

If you feel you are not satisfied with a Company's decision or a handling for a specific matter:

  • study the terms of your contract to know if they have been applied,
  • ask for clarifications directly from the responsible department handling your case,
  • ask your Insurance Intermediary for assistance, 
  • contact the Customer Service Department

If the clarifications provided are not satisfactory for you, and your complaint concerns the procedures, the products or the officers of the company, you may officially submit a written complaint at Customer Complaint Service of the Company where specially trained officers will examine immediately and fairly the whole matter without any cost on your behalf. 

The complaint is submitted by hand or by mail, by fax or by email or our website. 

Help us understand your situation and respond promptly:

  • state your personal details and policy number
  • simply and clearly state your problem
  • send any further evidence that supports your case
  • state how, in your opinion, we can make things right for you

Any complaint that concerns actions or omissions of the Insurance Intermediaries at their frame of work will be examined by the Intermediaries themselves as per the relevant guidelines issued by the Supervisory Authority. 

In such a case the Customer Complaint Service will forward your complaint to them for its handling, will be kept informed about the progress of the complaint and will be at your disposal at any time. 

The procedure for these cases includes the following:

  • within two days, we send you a letter to let you know that we have received your complaint, 
  • we will start its investigation at once,
  • you will receive a response within 15 days.
  • If that is not feasible we will inform you for the reason of the delay and the new expected completion day.
  • We will use feedback from you to improve our service. 

If you remain dissatisfied following all our action and efforts:

  • you still maintain all your rights,
  • you may ask for legal advice or
  • ask the Financial Ombudsman to formally review your case

Our goal is to find the right way to handle each matter. For CNP CYPRIALIFE is of utmost importance to maintain a relationship of trust and reliability with all its customers. 

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