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CNP CYPRIALIFE offers a wide range of investment-type Personal Plans, whose performance is linked to the Company’s Multiple Investment Funds range. More specifically, you may choose to invest amongst one or more of the following:


Multiple Funds


All the above funds attempt to limit risk through diversification both geographically and across asset types. However, the level of risk undertaken varies, depending on each fund’s Investment Objectives & Policy.

Our team of personal financial planners are ready to assist you in identifying your personal financial circumstances and goals. Based on these you may then proceed to choose the most appropriate fund or combination of funds for investing.

* Extra Fund is open only to participants in the Extra Plan personal insurance programme.


Advantages of Flexible Investment

Because your personal circumstances (e.g. family / professional situation) may well change over time, the option exists throughout the term of your insurance programme to change your initial allocation between funds. Details of the rules governing such switches as well as other information on our unit-linked insurance products may be found in section B of the Prospectus. The latter may be obtained by contacting one of our personal financial planners. Alternatively you may contact our customer service centre at +(357) 22887777.


Historical Performance of Multiple Funds

Information on historical performance as well as current asset allocation of our multiple funds, appears in the Weekly Fund Factsheets.


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