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Cypria Medical Check Up

What is Cypria Medical Check Up?


Scheduling medical examinations when you feel good may seem a waste of time. Is this a fact or is prevention better than cure? Routine examinations are useful because future health problems can be prevented or treated early by taking the necessary measures.


The Cypria Medical Check Up plan has been created for you and your family and offers checkups once a year. It includes basic examinations such as blood tests, urine tests, ECG and clinical examination.


To whom is it offered?
It is offered to persons insured under any individual medical plan of CNP CYPRIALIFE.


The premium is € 160, 00 for each insured person, regardless of age, sex or health status. 
What does the plan offer?
Health is the most important aspect of a person’s life. CNP CYPRIALIFE, driven by that notion, offers you “Cypria Medical Check Up", a program of general medical examinations.


The plan includes the following tests:


Cypria Medical Check Up
Clinical Examination
General Urine Examinations
Blood Tests which include:
Complete Blood Count
Uric Acid
HDL - Cholesterol
LDL - Cholesterol
Iron (FE)


Males more than 40 years old PSA (Prostate)
Females more than 40 years old CA 125 (Ovarian carcinoma)


The plan Cypria Medical Check up of CNP CYPRIALIFE falls under the Accident & Health Insurance Sector.

For more information please contact the Customer Service department at 22887777.

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