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Social Responsibility

As the market leader in the Life, Health and Accident Classes of Insurance Business in Cyprus and by following an anthropocentric philosophy CNP CYPRIALIFE places social responsibility high in its list of priorities. Its sensitivity with regards to society and the environment is evident though initiatices and actions it undertakes.


These actions focus mainly on the following:


A. Social Activities


(i) Radiomarathon

Every year CNP CYPRIALIFE participates actively in the Radiomarathon fund raising campaign for children with special needs. Radiomarathon is organised by Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd for the last 19 years and is considered a significant social and humanitarian contribution in the country.


(ii) Blood Donation

CNP CYPRIALIFE’s employees voluntarily make blood donations every year in order to reinforce the blood supply of the Blood Bank of Cyprus.


(iii)  Mammography/Osteoporosis tests


In recognition of the special importance of health protection and promotion, CNP CYPRIALIFE in association with Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd is offering to all women who are holders of the Woman's Card a free mammography or osteoporosis diagnostic test. For more details please call Telebank free of charge at 8000 2000 (+357 22 88 77 66 if calling from abroad).



B. Life and Health campaign


CNP CYPRIALIFE has introduced the last few years a health awareness campaign.


The campaign informs the general public about health related issues, aiming at the prevention of diseases, the promotion of healthy living, eating and well being. The issues are communicated in brief, simple but comprehensive messages, in a simple language understood by all.


The following are some of the Health messages - (for product details visit Health Insurance IHI/BUPA, Cypria Health Care).


1. Nutrition

A balanced diet is not only what we eat, but also how we eat. During your meals slow down your pace, and enjoy your food.

2. Young People

Success is not a matter of power. It’s a matter of how you utilise your strengths to achieve your goals.

3. Obesity

Lead a long lasting life, delay old age and protect yourselves from diseases by controlling your body weight.

4. Exercise

Do physical exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week in order to keep fit; improve your memory and mental abilities lift your mind.

5. Stress

Listen to soft music. It reduces your blood pressure, heart beat and breathing and minimizes stress. It offers relaxation and reduces heart attacks and strokes.




C. Sponsorships

CNP CYPRIALIFE sponsors the writing and editing of articles and books by renowned specialists in the health sector, promoting healthy living, nutrition and exercise.

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